"Drew had something specific for which he was leaving the relationship ― I didn’t. He was grocery shopping with a list while I embarked empty-handed, my stomach growling."
Everyone’s got different sexual preferences, but the way fetishes make us feel is universal — they’re oddly satisfying, and they can make us feel like we’re on top of the world (even if we’re on the bottom). The world of fetishes is infinite, but the psychology behind how and why we develop them is still rather elusive — or is it?
HuffPost's latest "Between the Lines" episode explores the origin of identity-based fetishes and the fine line between objectifying and empowering one's partners.
Choosing the right counselor, online or in person, obviously makes a difference. While rapport is essential, professional credentials must be verifiable and the counselor's knowledge and methods based on current scientific research. The ability to "audition" multiple candidates -- asking questions and having a brief session -- is a unique advantage of online counseling.
It's a good kind of pain.
Why pretty dead girls wearing pearls were used to teach the public about the human body.