FGM England

We live in a patriarchal world but FGM is an issue that is practiced in different countries where the pressure for this to happen is not just necessarily directed from men as form of domination. It is deeply imbedded in some cultures by women to be enforced on girls and women, as a way of life and often related to religion.
But some advocates say that the new measure doesn't do enough to prevent the practice.
The app, which doesn’t feature any gruesome images, offers basic facts about FGM and contacts for nonprofits, and law enforcement
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A radiant light escaped earth when a woman named Efua Dorkenoo, fighting cancer, took her last breath in her husband's arms on October 18, 2014.
FGM is illegal in the U.K. but no one in the country has been prosecuted for the practice since 1985. Experts note that FGM
In 2007, an estimated 66,000 women in England and in Wales had undergone FGM and over 24,000 girls under 15 were potentially