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A homeschooling mom's video recently went viral and offers insight into the minds of people outraged at the idea of science museums. An audit implies a power relationship, and Fox had come to the Field Museum on a mission to put those scientists in their place.
Alaka Wali, The Field Museum’s Curator of North American Anthropology and Applied Cultural Research Director, said in a statement
Dr. Philipp Heck, curator of meteorites and polar studies at the Field Museum in Chicago, made the comparison to the iconic
When you only have one weekend to explore a new city, it's important to make every moment count -- but at the same time, you don't want to run yourself ragged. So when you have just 48 hours in Chicago, let this be your guide to a fun-filled (and delicious!) weekend.
Emily Graslie was named Chief Curiosity Correspondent at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History in June 2013. In that role she hosts "The Brain Scoop," a weekly educational YouTube channel devoted to exploring the worlds of taxidermy, zoology, natural history museums and the culture of animal preservation.
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The World's Fair exhibition runs through Sept. 7, 2014. Tickets for an all-access pass to the museum, including admission
HuffPost Science's Jacqueline Howard explores how researchers study change in species.
After the Chelyabinsk meteor tore through the Earth's atmosphere and crashed into a Russian town earlier this year, a meteorite
“He spent the day with us. We took him everywhere,” Smith told the Sun-Times of the relationship she and her older sisters
From fireflies to fast cars, humans are drawn to bright shiny things — a fascination the Field Museum has capitalized on
The Tribune reports the trio of scientists "didn't fully understand the potential significance of what they had found" and
When you are new to treatment, you turn away from the sobbing, wailing parents in the halls because their pain is too close, too scary and too unbearable. It is their pain, not your pain, and you don't want to be near it. Until it is your turn and it becomes your pain.
A photo of a flyer distributed to guests at the Hilton's Magnificent Miles Suites hotel posted on Reddit's Chicago page Thursday
Dr. Feinman and a team of researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago studied how the precious material obsidian
This year, the people have spoken and America's best restroom is at The Field Museum in Chicago. The contest, sponsored by
One key contributor to a good immune system is good genes. Lately, researchers have been asking, Where did these "good genes" come from? The answer: sex with Neanderthals.
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