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You, reader, must be finding this title strange after the humiliating defeat of Brazil 7 to 1 to Germany in the World Cup semifinals. But that's not what I am talking about.
As the World Cup gets more and more serious, Argentina fans are pulling out all the stops in the hopes of being named champions
Face-palming. The frenzy of tweets included some memorable ones of Rio's Christ the Redeemer statue hanging his head in shame
Marina Abramovic, the almighty grandmother of performance art, has puzzled us in the past. UPDATE: We'd like to point your
He went on to slam the colorful footwear of many of the players, likening it to wearing "women's panties or a bra," and suggesting
And then there is FIFA, soccer's international governing body tasked with organizing major world tournaments. It launched
It will be a tough call for some athletes, normally used to retaliating in anger, when their opponent knocks them to the
For the record, Pope Francis has promised to keep his personal preferences out of the World Cup, after Brazilian President
Take a moment to appreciate those noises you hear -- the chants of the crowd, the referee's whistle, maybe even the chatter
If at first you don't succeed in shaking the ref's hand, try, try again: So when World Cup referee Joe Fletcher was snubbed
Prayer 5 Prayers for the England Football team "Oh God..." A prayer for those simply not interested Lord, as all around are
Pope Francis, a lifelong football fan himself, is mum on the subject so far. But as a card-carrying member of Argentina's
Just a few days away from the largest sporting festival in the world, the stories coming out of Brazil are not so festive. The handwringing reflects less on Brazil, but on whether the world even needs a World Cup anymore.
The 2014 FIFA World Cup is less than a week away, but is host country Brazil ready for the games? Stadiums are still under construction, thousands of people have been displaced, and protests are ongoing. We take a look at the situation on the ground.
Many people have been and still are dumbfounded by the dissatisfaction of a large part of the Brazilian people with the 2014 World Cup: how come the country of soccer, where almost anyone carries a story of passion for this sport, is protesting against its major event? Between the devotion for the ball and the general discontentment, what has been lost?
Dressed in traditional headdress and armed with bows and arrows, the group rallied against legislation they fear will shrink
Ricky Martin has partnered with SONY to unveil a global music contest that will give fans across the world the opportunity
A large number of Brazilians do not have access to sports; the number of high performance athletes is low, and there is a
As the debate about the correctness of the CBF's decision to fire Mano Menezes continues, Menezes' successor, Luiz Felipe Scolari, has remained tight-lipped about his tactical plan for the future of the Brazilian national football team.
For the most part, projects coming up on 2011 are either projects that were scheduled to open earlier but got delayed or