fifa world cup 2014

You, reader, must be finding this title strange after the humiliating defeat of Brazil 7 to 1 to Germany in the World Cup semifinals. But that's not what I am talking about.
As the World Cup gets more and more serious, Argentina fans are pulling out all the stops in the hopes of being named champions
Face-palming. Trying not to watch. "Im out bruh..." #BrazilvsGermany #WorldCup — World Cup Bruh
"The first group is simple: two individuals each have two buckets to carry by him or herself. The second group is two people
Russia has been the target of international criticism for its harsh anti-gay laws, including one against gay "propaganda
4) FIFA is only three years younger than Australia. And then there is FIFA, soccer's international governing body tasked
“He can’t swear, he can’t speak bad about anyone and he can’t even think badly about anyone,” said El Din. Ali Zogbhi, vice
"Today we have a special lighting in the colors of the flags of the countries that take part in the World Cup and which will
Take a moment to appreciate those noises you hear -- the chants of the crowd, the referee's whistle, maybe even the chatter
Shortly after the snub, the official, apparently having realized his mistake, returned and shook hands with Fletcher, who