Fifth Amendment

The former president used to have a very different opinion of people who invoked the constitutional right.
"I didn't even know this guy was capable of not talking," "The Daily Show" host said.
One Twitter user noted that, if Trump can plead the Fifth, his fellow Americans “have the complete right under the First Amendment to mock him relentlessly for it.”
The former national security adviser also asserted his right against self-incrimination when asked if he thought the Capitol riot was justified.
“The mob takes the Fifth,” Trump once told a campaign crowd in Iowa when running for president.
The former president's son was interviewed by the New York attorney general's office in its civil probe into the Trump Organization.
The defense rested without calling Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged with murdering George Floyd, to testify.
The plaintiff, a doctor who is also licensed to prescribe cannabis, claims the prohibition violates his Second and Fifth Amendment rights.
But he has no problem attacking Clinton over her husband's infidelity.
California judge says the group cannot decline to testify in a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood.