There are a few fundamental things that lead to success: 1) Money... at least some. Everyplace costs something to live, even
"Damn, I've been having trouble with my cell. Why did you call?" "Oh, really." He was flattered by her exuberance. "My home
Despite the fact that there were so many people that we filled the March route, making it slow and challenging, we finally
I see the upside. After all, life is more interesting. Yes, a man who lies about everything to everybody is just a kook and
We've heard from so many older women who have negative feelings about technology. They see their grandchildren constantly
Times like these call for creativity and extra planning, as traditional retirement investments simply aren't cutting it.
Please take one of these classes, and let LBL know what you think. She gets no money for these endorsements, so your feedback
Or perhaps we could convince Pope Francis and Angela Merkel to set up a joint rule in America, he being the visionary and
I loved the stillness of the day, so I began writing my musings in a quiet spot with a crackling fireplace screensaver. I
When you actually meet a working, showcased artist, their self-expression or collections have a deeper meaning and tend to
We are voters. Hear us roar. The next Election Day isn't that far off and we have excellent memories. We are not doing all
pro-life: My belief is that life is sacred, and that being pro-life means that we have an obligation to those, like my parents
As a psychologist and human behavior expert who spends much of her time in the entertainment world, the mistakes seem obvious
But then there are times, like in today's political turmoil, or during a certain stage of life - that we are drawn to take
Now after a year of thought, I get it. Some of us feel very invisible. Widowhood, divorce, lack of friends, and boredom as
6. I feel guilty when I outgrow friends. I am gathering information and exploring my options for 'us.' I will keep you posted
2. The second thing you can do is go on and buy the first edition of a little book called, 'How to Survive the
Six months ago, I posted this status update on Facebook: If you know that man? Introduce us. If you are that man? Get in
Three, look for a dissenting or cautionary expert opinion. Good science journalists will check with independent experts on