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This gender-discovering is a young person's game. Let me just sit in my rocking chair while staring at my navel - and whatever
Carol had left a cheerful gift bag on the sofa next to Peg. It proved too great a temptation. In the four or five minutes
Angelina Jolie candidly revealed her choice to undergo a bilateral mastectomy over a year ago as a preventative measure for breast cancer. Recently, she spoke of the results of experiencing "surgical menopause" after having an oophorectomy (removal of ovaries).
The thank yous I wrote following my mother's death took precedence. I bought some dignified new notecards because the stash
In order to present yourself well at a job interview, you need to prepare in detail. You have to thoroughly research the company and the principle goals of the organization. Once you've done that, you will want target your responses to the skills and attributes they are seeking in a future employee.
As a mature job-seeker, you already know this cardinal rule: If you want the job, you have to ace the interview.
The ocean failed to get me a second time, but I still love the ocean and go there as much as I can. Just that now I keep a keen eye out for those odd wave patterns or the strange discoloration of the water. I also keep an ear out for the voice that whispers just above the mist, "Welcome back -- again."
It is time for an Awakening -- Blog 2014: We all know that secrets, shame and isolation don't help anyone, and we really
My friends tell me that now I have reached the stage of life that can be best described by the French saying "une femme d'un certain age" (a woman of a certain age). I suppose this means I can no longer wear mini skirts and short-shorts without looking ridiculous.
In reading two memoirs by members of the LGBT community, I was reminded of our similarities and differences.