fight for 15

The wage floor in California and New York will hit $15 for many workers in 2022.
The last hike came early in former President Barack Obama’s first term.
The president's plan will hike the federal government's wage floor significantly in 2022.
Top Senate Democrats will huddle on Tuesday in an attempt to unify around a path toward hiking the federal minimum wage.
An estimated 27 million workers would see raises, though there would be 1.4 million fewer jobs.
They control all the levers of power, but have no room for error.
What Biden decides to do about Peter Robb could be a bellwether for how he governs -- as a moderate consensus-builder or a hard-nosed progressive.
But even if Democrats win both Senate races next month, they still need additional moderate members to back their $15-an-hour plan.
The California senator and Democratic 2020 hopeful plans to join the strike line as part of the Fight for $15 movement.
The bill is headed nowhere in the Senate, but it shows the muscle behind the Fight for $15.