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An Air Force spokesman gave credence to the Navy possibility, telling HuffPost in an earlier email, "The aircraft in the
WASHINGTON (AP) — An Air Force official says two F-15 fighter jets were scrambled after the pilot of a private plane over
From Jet to Jet- Being the USAF Thunderbirds Official Photographer from Jaron Schneider on Vimeo. So, where do we send our
Where is the Iraqi Air Force? What does the Iraqi Air Force consist of? How many attack helicopters and attack fighters does it have in flyable condition? Most importantly, how many trained pilots does it have who can fly combat missions?
Ropt (optimal range) is similar to Raero but leaves the missile with enough energy to maneuver in the terminal phase against
This past week has certainly given reason to stand up and be proud. But it's not the daring raid of SEAL Team 6 that finally got Osama that I'm referring to -- it's Fast Five.
Lobbyists from both sides tried to win over freshmen Republicans, many of whom were torn between dueling priorities: fiscal
LtGen George J. Trautman III, Deputy Commandant for Aviation said that the success of this test brings the Marine Corps one
How DARE left-wing pacifist Wesley Clark suggest that riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down doesn't automatically qualify someone to be president? It automatically qualifies you to be anything.