fighting in front of kids

Pam says she is “raising” her 14-month-old grandson because she claims her daughter Ashlan would rather party and be a stripper
Chuck and Amanda say their six-year marriage is loud, hostile and full of rage, and they often scream and fight in front
Mark claims that Nikki instigates most of their fights, has violent outbursts, thrives on playing the victim, and suspects
> The couple's drama often unfolds in front of their 3-year-old daughter. Mark claims Nikki drags her into their dysfunction
9. Maintain control. You do not have the license to be childish, abusive or immature. If you have legitimate feelings, you
When you fight in front of your children, they are forever changed … and you can be sure it’s not for the better. Like Dr
Make the decision to never fight in front of your kids, and use these tools to stick to your plan.
Kids pay close attention to their parents' emotions for information about how safe they are in their family, Cummings says. When parents are destructive, the collateral damage to kids can last a lifetime.
In a perfect world, couples wouldn't fight, and they certainly wouldn't do so in front of their children. In the real world
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