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We laughed at the memes, but we missed an opportunity to talk about something more important.
The "Halloween" actress tore into the meme-inspiring stunt at the Golden Globes and says companies need to ask permission for product placement.
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With fall currently here, and the temperatures going from hot to breezy, it's time -- once again -- to make additions to
This week, Fiji Water threatened to close their water bottling plant in Fiji -- not because they object to the country's military regime, but because the government announced that they intend to increase the business tax on bottled water.
Celebrities live in a different world. Perhaps the weirdest expression of this is seen in the bottled water demands in contracts that celebrities require when they appear in public.
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The husband-and-wife team of Quinn and Karen Hatfield have just opened their new, enlarged Hatfield's in the location made famous by Chef Michel Richard in the 80s with Citrus.
A few days into her reporting trip to Fiji to check out the source of America's No. 1 imported bottled water, Anna Lenzer was arrested and threatened with imprisonment.
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My New Year's resolution is to finally give up my addiction to two liquids that are trashing the lives of some of the poorest people on earth: bottled water, and Coke. In 2009, I am determined to lose my bottle.
It's mostly bottled water with a flavor and something else. We could make most of it at home for a fraction of the cost. But
Fiji Water, with annual sales of about $150 million, is but a drop in the bucket of the $15 billion domestic bottled-water
We at Fiji think that people who love FIJI Water deserve to know everything we're doing for the environment and for the people of Fiji. By drinking our water they become a part of these efforts.