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In the United States social networks are considered to be public spaces and any information shared there is covered under
Inspired by espionage practices, Aram Bartholl wants to create a global sharing network offline.
Change color codes to build workflows We've discussed using Starred files, Recent Items, and the dates a file was saved as
Still emailing photos between your phone and computer? Tracking down lost USB drives for file transfers? Or worse, relying on a cloud storage device for your business documents that lacks sufficient encryption security?
Answers by Bret Taylor, CEO of Quip. Ex-CTO of Facebook, co-founder FriendFeed, co-creator Google Maps, on Quora. ... Q: What
Oh. My. God. Oh. My. God. Omgid Omigod Omigod. I am so embarrassed. I'm a grown woman and I just got the equivalent of a time out.
Why is BitTorrent so hesitant to clearly and definitively condemn the misuse of its protocol for piracy? Why is that so difficult?
By absolute necessity, consumers have gotten fairly paranoid about the ways in which they share personal information online. There is big value in a service that allows consumers to share material -- and then make that material disappear.
The social smartware company Muzik's new headphones will let you share songs online or add them to a playlist with one button. Joining us to discuss is Jason Hardi, creator of the world's first SmartHeadPhone.
In Who Owns the Future?, Jaron Lanier is betting that technology will make the future better than the past.