President Joe Biden said he would be open to Democrats changing Senate filibuster rules to raise the debt ceiling.
Earlier this week, Sinema helped to prevent the passage of crucial voting rights legislation by voting against filibuster reform.
The Senate did something rare these days: hold an actual debate.
“They have forced us to have five months of discussions that have gone absolutely nowhere," the Vermont senator complained.
The two Democratic senators killed any chance of passing voting rights legislation by opposing filibuster changes after Republicans blocked it from advancing.
The living legend delivered a blunt message to the Senate.
The plea from the King family brings an especially powerful voice to an increasingly tense campaign to pressure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema to change her mind.
Leaders and activists alike sounded off: “Like being almost in an abusive relationship”; “disappointed to say the least”; “I will never understand.”
In a floor speech defending the filibuster, Sinema described a country and a political system that just doesn’t exist.
The Arizona senator's speech opposing filibuster changes on Thursday cast a cloud over Democrats' final voting rights push.