filibuster reform

The candidate says she’ll enact a public option plan within her first 100 days as president and then move to set up a true universal health care system.
At a CNN climate change forum, the California senator said she agreed with former Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee in opposing the Senate procedure.
Orrin Hatch, the most senior GOP senator, says it's vital to protect minority party rights.
It's been freezing in Washington for the past few months, but it wasn't the nuclear winter some predicted when Sen. Harry Reid ushered in the most important changes to Senate procedure in a generation.
Since last November, Senate obstruction hasn't disappeared, it simply has taken a different form.
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For the most part, Republicans said they haven't made up their minds on whether to keep the current reforms. HuffPost talked
The question for Republicans now is whether to keep these reforms in place or go back to the 60-vote system. On one hand
WASHINGTON -- A day after Republicans swept control of the Senate, Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) issued a plea to his party: Keep
We tried waiting and hoping for real change six years ago. Today, income inequality grows steadily worse, while economic opportunity is out of reach for most. This Labor Day I will look forward to a warm summer day, but I'm also dreaming of the movement we can build.