Filipino American

Ja Du says she loves Philippine food and music and enjoys TV shows on Philippine culture.
Activists in California are calling for more legislation to protect immigrants.
“We will fight for a new -- and maybe even better -- solution. We’ve done it before.”
Please understand how your colonial mentality and colorism affects how you perceive things
The fight for more diversity in media is a battle that’s been given a lot of attention this year. Thanks to shows and films
Women could be suffering the unintended consequences of assimilation.
Filipino Americans who were born and raised in the US learn a lot of mixed messages. Most of our parents teach us to be proud
June is also the month we celebrate Philippine Independence Day.
First and foremost, the June 14th attack on Republican Congresspeople practicing for their annual charity baseball game is
As we approach Philippine Independence Day, issues in the Filipino-American community are brought into sharper focus.