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Filipino-American actor Joshua Dela Cruz's role in the Nickelodeon show could have a positive influence on young viewers' perceptions of Asian-Americans.
"There's nothing to put on the map. We've BEEN on the map."
WASHINGTON -- Filipino-American World War II veterans who have been waiting for years to bring their family members to the
Although I attended her funeral at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York, I never knew Clare Boothe Luce in life. Through Sylvia Jukes Morris' twin works, Rage For Fame and the most recent Price of Fame, I feel I have come to know Clare in all her complexity far more intimately.
In the age of American ethnic diversity, it is all about representation -- a spiritual mission to bring you, our fathers, back in the light. History might have worked in favor of Chavez in the past decades, but many Filipino Americans will do what it takes to put your names in the pages of American movements.
When you watched how different your children were from others, you kept a nonjudgmental, open mind. In the absence of role models, you managed to let me be gay without knowing what that might mean, going against a homophobic stream so ingrained in the Filipino machista system.
In your book, you note that Spam is just as much a part of Filipino culture as adobo because of the American military presence
Time and again, I get together with my Filipino-American writer friends to discuss the state of our Filipino readership. It is often the most depressing conversation.
Filipino-American leaders from across the country convened for a series of meetings in Washington, D.C. Friday.