He understood what food meant to the people who made and ate it, and he was careful to treat the food ― and, by extension, Filipinos ― with respect.
Marvel's blockbuster honored African heritage while also nodding to another native people.
From the Filipino Veterans Recognition and Education Project, from our families to yours- Happy Holidays! While we remember
70 Years: This year, we noted the 70th anniversary of the infamous Recission Act that first revoked citizenship and eligibility
Never previously has a state of emergency been declared as a result of a single bombing or kidnappings, which were in any
"If you know of any addicts, go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful."
Eric and Katherine's story is a multitude of similar scenarios shared by the hundreds of Amerasians I photographed. I am
1. Kach of Two Monkeys Travel Group @monkeystravel Kach is an inspiring travel blogger who has been to over 40 countries
Our work on behalf of the Filipino WWII veterans has become a unifying rallying cry for the Filipino American community, and
I grew up walking the tightrope of the Philippine economy. Uneven distribution of wealth is a long-running problem in my
Opposing the rule of Philippines president Ferdinand Marcos, Senator Benigno Aquino returned from exile in the U.S. in August 1983, only to be assassinated upon his arrival in Manila.
More than 260,000 Filipino soldiers fought under the American flag during World War II, and many made the ultimate sacrifice as soldiers in the U.S. Armed Forces in the Far East and as guerilla fighters.
Last Thursday, however, members of Congress from both Houses announced the introduction of a bill to award the Congressional Gold Medal to 260,000 Filipino and Filipino-American soldiers who responded to President Roosevelt's call-to-duty and fought under the American flag in World War II.
President Aquino has demonstrated that it is possible to be part of political dynasty yet be focused on the common good, and achieve enough in a single term of office to transform the country from the sick man of Asia to one of its leading economies.
When my friends come to me screaming, "I have kwento!" in the most Taglish accents they can muster, I always feel a jolt of excitement run through me. I approach them, eyes wide, ears open, ready to listen to their story.
Aquino's speech succeeded in reminding Filipinos of what can and should be an appropriate baseline for critique.
In the age of American ethnic diversity, it is all about representation -- a spiritual mission to bring you, our fathers, back in the light. History might have worked in favor of Chavez in the past decades, but many Filipino Americans will do what it takes to put your names in the pages of American movements.
The success of any lasting movement formed from these protests will rely on us using our skills and investing time in helping to create systems to ensure the accountability of both migrant sending and receiving governments.