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Jiri Menzel is an Oscar-winning director and a theatre director. Menzel is not only a director, however he is also an actor and screenwriter. He has directed 28 films, written 20 screenplays, and starred in 67 titles. He has also been a member of the jury at the Moscow and Berlin International Film Festivals.
Susanna's latest film, a screen adaptation of Le Carre's thriller Our Kind Of Traitor, is out in cinemas on Friday May 13th
Suddenly the premiere RSVPs from the town's elite started to pour in. My cousin dejectedly reasoned that they just wanted
"Collaboration" is the catch word that is bandied about when describing the show business industry. We thrive on lunches, conference calls and writers' rooms. You would think with all of these partnerships this would be the happiest place on earth, a community of calm where executives and creatives share suggestions throughout their eight-hour workday.
Why do we statistically lack confidence? Why do we keep our heads down and stay quiet at meetings? Maybe we lean back because deep down we are scared that when we finally lean in and speak up we will act like women. And maybe even deeper down we believe that acting like a woman is the wrong way to act.
Huffpost Live’s dive into Quentin Tarantino’s expansive movie universe, including the films 'Pulp Fiction,' 'Reservoir Dogs,' and 'Kill Bill,' which is more complex and connected than you might assume at first glance.
Henning Carlsen, the Danish film director, died on May 30 shortly before his 87th birthday. I first heard of Henning Carlsen in the early 90s when I was teaching a course on the fiction of Knut Hamsun and wondered if there were a film based on his novel, Hunger.
One of my highlights on the festival circuit was at the Triestre Latin-American film festival in 2010 where I met León Gieco
Director Nicole Holofcener joins Ricky to talk about working with James Gandolfini.