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Dial M For Murder (1954). Tennis bum Ray Milland plots to bump off in-the-way wife Grace Kelly in this Alfred Hitchcock thriller
Film Forum’s “Genre is a Woman” series pays homage to women-helmed horror, action and sci-fi movies.
The films are well matched. Both are alternately funny and sad. Both feature women striving to make it in fantasy industries
Carrie (1976). Worst. Prom. Ever. The film that put both Brian De Palma and Stephen King on the map. Oh, and Sissy Spacek
Don't worry, there's still plenty of kickass ass kicking in A Touch of Zen. The battles in the bamboo forest and the abandoned
VIVA ACTIVA --The Human Condition FILM REVIEW: VITA ACTIVA: THE SPIRIT OF HANNAH ARENDT by, Ada Ushpiz This is heady stuff
The fact that this all takes place in a small town instead of the big bad city really frosted some viewers' flakes. Ron and
Black Mama, White Mama (1973). Pam Grier and Margaret Markov in a distaff version of The Defiant Ones (1957). With lots of
Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch has its admirers and detractors. But what can we say about the sensibility of an author who writes a novel based on a sui generis work by a l7th century painter, Carel Fabritius, at the same time naming its central character after the brother of a famous post-Impressionist painter?
MoMA's Titus I theater looked like a gathering for New York filmmakers and artists on Monday night: Wes Anderson, Noah Baumbach, Greta Gerwig, Jim Jarmusch, Laurie Anderson, Hal Willner, Gay Talese, and others, many of whom had already seen the Apu Trilogy as Satyajit Ray's masterwork is called.
One of the signs that our future may turn out to be OK after all for me is watching the upward trend on the types of films that secure distribution in the U.S.
It is a rollicking adventure story into how Jodorowsky conceived of his idea Dune, and the inspiring wild steps Jodo took to make it. Jodorowsky thought big.
In 2007, Copeland made history by becoming the third black female soloist at the American Ballet Theatre and has maintained a high profile performing with recording artist, Prince and receiving praise from major magazines. Still she is focused on shattering even more barriers in her field.
Thinking and smoking. Smoking and thinking. Thinking, smoking, and pacing the floor of her apartment on Manhattan's Upper West Side. This is how we see the gifted academic and profound socio-political philosopher, Hannah Arendt, prepare to write.
Von Trotta's film vividly captures the impact Arendt's work had in both the United States and Israel and how Arendt's stubborn beliefs could be both a weakness and a strength.
Charcot's interventions with Augustine run the gamut -- from gentle, sensuous spoon-feedings to physical torture using a device of his own invention, known as the ovary compressor.
Philip Roth may be our greatest living writer. So why would he give himself over to filmmakers who would make a movie as dull, superficial and pedantic as Philip Roth: Unmasked?
What is it about Planet of Snail that makes it so watchable, so undeniably unforgettable? It's the idea that for the wonders of this world to exist we don't have to hear them or see them, but just imagine them there.
Abramović can be viewed as a study in neediness, only partially assuaged by a designer-clothes-buying binge. But her brave attention-getting strategies defy pathography.