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Michael J. Burg whispers his wisdom conspiratorially to me across our luxurious table at the Russian Tea Room.
Everyone has someone that they would kill to meet and listen to, and the producers at the sixth Produced By Conference at Warner Bros. got to have their wishes more than fulfilled with writer, director, producer Francis Ford Coppola.
Lacey Chabert joins HuffPost Live to discuss where her character Gretchen Wieners would be today.
The Only Real Game follows passionate Manipuri baseball players fighting for happiness amid the daily chaos that threatens their lives. When U.S. envoys from MLB arrive to tutor Manipuri coaches, the love of a game shared by two disparate cultures becomes a powerful force for change and hope.
Indiana Jones is undeniably cool, but that doesn't mean he always makes sense. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal
Alfonso's harsh family and personal and professional circumstances were very similar to those of that woman in space. Physical and metaphysical garbage, waste from fear, greed, ignorance -- and many of those elements of the sublime and putrid within the film industry lined up like missiles that hit his ship.
Following the success of "The Accidental Billionaires" and "Moneyball" comes "Console Wars"—a mesmerizing, behind-the-scenes
Naturally, some film and television is better than others, and some shouldn't be nominated but are, and others aren't nominated when they should. It's all insane, but let's talk about it because it's fun!
There were small details, not anything big or noticeable, but small details that weren't as I figured before getting to Japan
The video is made that much better by the calming soundtrack, titled, "Hand-made" by Alt-J. "We were shooting for a commercial