Film producer

The model-turned-actor said the disgraced Hollywood mogul told her she'd "never make it" in Hollywood as a gay woman.
The celebratory segment at Sunday night's ceremony masked the larger lack of progress on representation in Hollywood.
Image from the "Growing Up Smith." film. Photo: Ponca City. Photo: Good Deed Entertainment, distributor of the film. Anjul
At a press conference to promote "Shivaay" in New York City last month, Devgn, along with actress wife Kajol (who was last
National newspapers, and both national and international websites and blogs. What is the cause or issue that you are most
Margaret Thatcher advises, "Power is like being a lady..if you have to tell people you, you aren't". Producer Tracey Edmonds
Under her rebellious helm are where socially conscious, creative and edgy films get made.
Now that I'm segueing into my new career as a software titan/media mogul shameless self-promoter, I thought it would be nice to use my years of experience in the Hollywood trenches to give something back -- you know, to the kids just starting out.
Credits. Everyone sees them on posters, in advertisements and on screen, but nobody is quite sure what they mean. As a producer, it's the question I get asked more frequently than any other -- especially by my mother: Who are all those people, and what do they do?
Although difficult to imagine, Haiti lost in less than a minute their National Legislature and Departments of Education, Health