Film studies

The Oscar-winning actor will join the University of Texas at Austin this fall semester as a film professor.
A new storyline is emerging in Hollywood blockbusters: The revolution of the malcontents has replaced the revolution of the idealists. (Spoiler warning: This blog ruins the surprise of the movies mentioned.)
While what a film does matters as much as how it is made, the richness of film study is found in a dialogue between the two, a dialogue formal film studies fosters and explores.
Made in May of 2011, the film boasts an unusually high number of women both on set and behind the scenes who helped make
Professor Rob Riggle of the Troy Polamalu School of Deeper Learning presents his rigorous guide to YouTube Studies coursework. Do you think you have what it takes to complete your degree?
"I don't believe there is a young person across the world that isn't a film fan. Our goal was to develop that passion into an awareness of how film is constructed and how meaning is developed when you work with audiovisual imagery."
Even kids who get into their first choice schools aren't necessarily better off than those who end up with their last.