Dr. Don Hopkins has been leading the fight to eradicate Guinea Worm Disease
Desalitech is using a reverse osmosis system to filter the water so breweries can use it for the "Brew the Charles" competition.
Desalitech is using a state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis System to filter Boston's 'Dirty Water' and deliver it to local breweries for the "Brew the Charles" competition.
Another purpose for this filter is to simply shade the image to slow the shutter speed. This comes in handy when photographing
A qualified, trusted professional can check your duct system for leaks and make sure your cooling and heating system is operating
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Welcome to a new addition to "Cover-on-Demand." This segment asks artists to perform a song stuck in their head on the fly -- whether it's a line, a verse, or the whole darn song.
What's funny about living in this day and age is that most of us seem to simultaneously be dependent on modern technology and be frustrated with how it's transformed areas of our lives that were already stressful enough without it -- i.e. dating, relationships, and confrontation.
I'm tired of regrets. Are there roads I wish I'd taken and choices I wish I hadn't made? Absolutely. But I've stopped wringing my hands over those. I can't undo the past, so I'm trying to live in the present.
Tipping complicates the potential implications of the world "filter" with her diverse range of subjects and their personal
If, as the adage goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then the weight of the recent landmark speeches by Messrs. Obama, Christie and McDonnell is telling... maybe.
Ahmed discusses the new parental and content controls involved when setting up an Internet connection in the UK.
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Sobriety has re-invigorated and re-energized Richard Patrick. He enjoys his life, his music, and his family. "Life isn't a dress rehearsal," he says, grateful to make the most of his second chance.
The dealership recently began giving free massages to customers who might stall, overheat or possibly even backfire as they contemplate the repairs being done on their vehicles.
"Many of those water providers have incurred an enormous amount of expenses at a time when their tax base is shrinking,"said