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Technological abilities do not necessarily lead to desirable and ethical outcomes (as in the case of smart contact lenses
It's sad to me that we need to work so hard to find non-biased news, but I'm hoping that by opening a new tab and branching out from Facebook, I will feel less partisan and more tolerant. I'm hoping I will become better informed and more able to talk kindly to people with different views. I'm sure my friends' dogs will still be there when I come back.
A friend of mine posted this video. The friend in question is an intelligent, balanced person and someone I like and trust
Since the Gizmodo story broke May 9, the news has been flooded with questions about whether Facebook suppressed conservative
In an election cycle when the media can and does shape how we choose our next president, the fact we have fewer and fewer sources to look to for credible information regarding those who are running is frightening. And it's only getting worse.
There are many things that an engineering organization or leadership team needs to take into account in order to build a great team.
In the end, the slant of the news you see may be the slant of the news you seek.
We are living in a world where good and bad behaviors can originate in more places, be adopted quicker, and spread faster farther. The Law of Unintended Consequences will become the rule, not the exception.
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