The event addressed the mysterious killings of an American woman and her Australian boyfriend in British Columbia.
Don't just "like" your friend's engagement photo. Send a cackling witch!
Here's what's going to happen. You are going to read this post up to the point where you agree with me or you don't. Then, either you will find something else to do or, if I have your attention, you will write a comment or an email that espouses your world view.
This month is a once-in-a-blue-moon month. Needless to say, Facebook news feeds, Instagram posts, and Twitter feeds are aglow with blurry white blobs! Tossed into the bunch are gorgeous images of the full moon, perhaps reflecting on waters or rising over a mountainside.
Make yourself aware of the fact that your experiences can also have a negative effect, keeping you from being more effective. Realize that preconceived opinions and ideas can obstruct your view of the essential.
Controls that block inappropriate content usually work well for young children but not for older ones. Products to monitor Internet or mobile use may be necessary for some kids, but not for most.
I'm not going to say that social media was our demise (I myself enjoy Facebook too much to make such a brazen statement), but I do think that with the rise of these sites came the sudden commanding impulse to look awesome in photos. After all, we want our 500-plus friends to think we're beautiful.
Republican fact-checkers say that The Washington Post Fact Checker is wrong and that the plant did close in 2009 under President Obama's watch. What would an impartial view of the speech have thought? What did you think? Now, just for a second, put your politics aside.
Despite the shift, web-based retailers have not been successful in personalizing the online shopping experience in the way that traditional retail has.
The expectation that most of the audience would rush out and purchase the book, as Oprah's audience does today, was not there. With a good book reviewer, you didn't need to do any page turning yourself.
Turns out if you really want to get reviewed by the Times, it really helps if you are also employed by the Times.
Deforestation is the most direct environmental repercussion of the approximately ten gazillion cigarettes smoked in the world daily. Wood is used just about every step in production--to cure tobacco, to wrap the leaves with paper, to box them up with cardboard.