final exams

Make a Schedule Make a schedule, stay with the schedule! Try to finish ahead of the schedule! Use the "salami technique". A
Studying can be a huge part of most anyone's life. Whether you are a student, new employee, or taking a class for training, you know that studying is important. Don't waste your time by cramming it all in during one all-nighter, because you will only hurt yourself in the long run.
My school introduced a new schedule this year. Which hasn't been a problem for me, but for many its effects have been detrimental
While the calendar approaches the end of 2015, many of us are approaching final exams, reports, and review deadlines. This means two things: stress and procrastination.
Millions of American college students will be taking final exams this week, which means that many of them will staying up trying to boost their competitive edge. What they should know is that a good 8 hours will put them light years ahead of their classmates.
Undergraduates, you may at first think I am out of my mind with the title of this blog post, or blissfully oblivious of your
To turn this story around, Design for Change was born out of the conviction that children are not helpless. The natural youthful optimism they feel; that change is possible and the belief that they can drive it, should be cultivated rather than discouraged.
Every semester, the marching band goes into the library and does a satirical stand-up routine about events from that semester
Here's to the time we dropped everything--inhibitions, worries, rationales, and our clothing --and took part in the campus tradition of streaking through the undergraduate libraries.
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