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Without knowing the people who made it are watching.
I've always been fascinated by art. The paintings of Dalí, Munch, Parish, and Picasso entranced me as a child. Though their style was very different, each one of them could stir the wheels of my imagination into these amazing and awe-inspiring worlds that I could wander around in for hours.
We wondered just what are the most prolific video game franchises ever? We're not just looking at actual sales, but sheer number of titles released. It's pretty amazing how addicted we've become to certain characters and concepts, as the following list attests.
Hope you stretched your thumbs this morning!
If there's anyone that embodies the title "Bad Bitch," it's the heroines of the Japanese gaming world. Don't be quick to oversexuallize, or intellectually diminish, the term.
How did Tyler Rush go from being a shy, introverted nerd to an adult film star? Surprisingly enough, the nerdy passions that once isolated him wound up pushing him into the spotlight where he overcame his inhibitions.
The "Final Fantasy" series has always been praised for its looks, but new screenshots from "Final Fantasy XV" show you ain't seen nothing yet.
Gamers got an inside look at the upcoming "Final Fantasy XV" at an event in Paris Thursday--and they know now more than ever that developer Square Enix is serious about hair.
Check out the awesome virtual Pride parade above. Sometimes we see Pride in the most unlikely places. What is reported as
An experience that will remain with a player, long after the credits roll is, in my opinion, the effectiveness of the story. Truly great games stick with you because of memorable story elements that made you laugh, smile or cry.
They may not be Trekkies, but Final Fantasy fans can hold their own in terms of devotion to the material.
You know what else are squares? All the art in 8-bit video games. Mario? Check. Kirby? Check. That black mage from Final
This Spring, the Smithsonian American Art Museum opened its comprehensive "The Art of Video Games" exhibition; last month
Square Enix announced today - rather quietly, may I add - that Final Fantasy I & II will soon be released for the iPhone