financial abuse

It occurs in 99 percent of domestic violence cases.
To the outside world, they were the perfect family: living in an affluent neighborhood, annual vacations, nice car, both with good jobs... but behind closed doors it was a very different matter.
The actress has been working with Allstate Foundation Purple Purse to help give women tools to "save their lives."
What most people don't understand is that there's an invisible weapon involved in nearly every case of domestic violence. This weapon doesn't leave black eyes or bruises. But, it's just as strong as a lock and key in silently holding an individual hostage in a violent relationship.
Scam artists go where the money is. Forty-four percent of all wealth in America lies with older Americans. In addition, the concentration of people in this category is growing by 8,000 people per day as the baby boomers--those born after 1945 and prior to 1965--enter this peak wealth stage of their life in record numbers beginning in 2011.
To help lessen the economic barrier that so many domestic violence victims face, YWCA USA is working to pass the Healthy Families Act. While the bill's core component ensures the accrual of seven paid sick days for all workers, it also provides for "paid safe days" so that victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking can seek out safety and assistance without the threat of lost wages
Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. Related: Financial Abuse Takes
Is assisting family members and friends the "noble" thing to do? It might be if it weren't for the fact that this kind of
Now that we, the advocates for domestic violence awareness and eradication, have the country's attention, it is important to expand the conversation from mere awareness to include education.
Washington said she loved designing the bag and hoped it would spur more conversations about domestic violence. "A purse