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Pick one transformative skill and master it. Sales conversations are about skills mastery and being present. The greater
Warm market. In this case, there is no excuse; you know these people already! You have a good sense of what matters to them
Ask deeper questions. Fin-tech platforms can have you fill out a lot of fields to gather facts, but isn't capable of understanding
Building a successful financial practice -- or any business -- takes a lot of work. It also takes persistence, courage, patience, intelligence, spirit, humor, and many other personal qualities that you will find yourself stretching to grow into.
Several of my advisor clients are brand new to developing a financial services practice. They've recently graduated from university in business or finance, or made a lateral move from another career. They have newly minted accreditations from passing those challenging exams. Is this you? Okay, so now what?
Sales is a long business. It's a marathon, not a sprint. There are 'sprint moments' on the journey (deadlines, targets), but what you've signed up for is not a short-term gig. As long as you're in business, you'll be in sales.
1. Make it true. You're right -- people are going on vacation. But usually only for a couple of weeks. So find out when and
Of course we should continually strive for excellence, but there is one area where leaning on your expertise can do more
Brokers are allowed to give you bad advice. The House wants to keep it that way.
Non-fiduciaries also have two types of licenses: The protection is limited for two reasons: Retirement Assets Only Broker
So does it pay to work with a Certified Financial Planner®? Yes, our advice pays for itself and Vanguard quantified it for
Yet, according to the latest Deloitte research, precious few Americans trust the financial services industry. Only 20 percent
Why is the process so risky? Wall Street has used 7 clever tactics to rig the selection process to benefit itself. It is
The play debuted in 1959 but the enduring theme remains: inner wealth is the foundation for outer wealth.
Did you happen to see the Great Presidential Debate a few weeks ago that debuted 10 Republican candidates for President of the United States? I thought Fox News did a decent job asking tougher questions that many of the candidates did not want to answer.
Many of us were told since childhood to avoid "dark alleys," but all too often we seem to forget this important advice when it matters most. The metaphor of a dark alley in the context of financial advisers is perfectly suited to describe a place in which you would never want to be.
Many may view the role of a financial adviser as one who has unique insights into the market to give their clients an advantage. However, that belief is far from the truth.
I was in a coffee shop, having breakfast with my daughter, Angela Luhys, on a week when my weight loss had reached the 90 pound mark since November. While sharing this great milestone with Angela, the guy in the booth behind me was trying to sell an annuity.
The passive style of investing advocates present their case by stating that the markets are efficient. In other words, the vast majority of information that can be known is already in the market place and therefore there is no advantage to spending effort in researching stocks because there is little that is unknown about their prospects. I