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The Trump administration proposed eliminating federal heating help altogether.
Dear Overwhelmed, There are actually a wide variety of financial assistance programs and government benefits that can help
In light of the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East with no end on sight, what is one to make out of the contradictory relationship between the United States and Egypt. Of interest, is the latest decision by the Egyptian government to deny entry to a former U.S. diplomat, Michele Dunne, to attend a conference in Cairo.
Hospital Traveler -- Hospital Traveler is a free travel service that has access to almost 50,000 hotels strategically located
Religious organizations receiving federal contracts can no longer discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees. Some question whether President Obama has gone too far. Others question whether he has gone far enough.
This is serious stuff and is too often ignored or misunderstood. Don't delay
There are several financial assistance programs that can help Medicare beneficiaries who are having a tough time paying their out-of-pocket health care costs. Here's what's offered, along with the eligibility requirements and how to apply.
Data is the tongue of the federal government and too often data and information from one agency's program is incompatible with data collected by another.
Others were less forgiving. About 43 percent agreed that if poor people want a job, they could always find a job, while 27
There's plenty of bad news about the cost of higher education, but we do not always traffic in bad news here at HuffPost
How much do you get on a regular basis from your parents or how much do you give your adult children? Email
Danny Guo came marching home two years ago as a corporal from the U.S. Marine Corps, thinking the country he served would
And some adoption agencies cut costs when adopting out special needs children, which caused one family profiled by MSNBC
When this happens, the government either takes the bank over for a short period of time and sells it to another bank, or