Financial Freedom

When you're given the gift of not coming from money, you watch your pennies. You work full-time and have side gigs, always. You know that not only will your parents not be able to help with the kids' college tuition, they won't be able to help with the mortgage or groceries if the bottom falls out.
In April 2015, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a complete shock, she was under 50, never drank or smoked, exercised and didn't eat red meat. She took really great care of her body, but it didn't matter, cancer didn't discriminate.
Making the journey towards financial freedom is never fast or easy. It is big undertaking and one that will be filled with challenges and setbacks.
With 2016 now upon us, there is no better time for entrepreneurs to start re-organizing their finances and developing a game plan to reach their goals this year.
Wake up and smell the slow-brewed coffee, my young friend: Few waltz into that kind of fortune right out of college. If you're lucky, you will eventually find work that is meaningful and fulfilling, but it's not instant. We've all got to pay our dues.
It's a painful question that we all have to ask ourselves. Most of us have heard the horrifying statistic that one third of Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless. As the economy shifts from industrial to informational and from local to global, we will see more workers displaced. What are you doing to safeguard yourself and your family?