Financial independence

Some laughingly call it a cult. They also swear it's the path to early retirement.
By Rachel Bowie Before I got married, I was adamant about one thing: separate bank accounts. My parents advised me otherwise
Two nights after I interviewed my mom about motherhood, I woke up from a deep sleep where I’d dreamt I was pregnant with
At a time when many struggle to save enough for a comfortable retirement, there are a few people who can not only retire comfortably but can do so earlier than the expected 65 years old. As part of my job at Personal Capital, I have been lucky to get to know today's top personal finance bloggers.
As a group the LGBT community has many monetary advantages, true. But let's see how we can maximize our financial happiness in our own gay way as we live it up.
  I love teaching for example, and I'm pretty good at it. Anyone is good at what he loves. But I could not imagine myself
I turn 24-years old in June. I graduated magna cum laude from a prestigious NESCAC school, have lived abroad and in New York City, and am lucky enough to have a rewarding, financially sound career. And, I live at home with my parents--out of choice.
Our fascination with millennials is not so much with... well, millennials, but with what they represent. At a quarter of the population, this group is certainly too large to ignore.
With the right plan and the right approach in place, any new trader can start trading their way to financial freedom. It won't be easy. It will take a lot of work, a number of setbacks and a great deal of determination, but many have found that trading is one of the best ways to reach the level of financial freedom they have always wanted.
Making the journey towards financial freedom is never fast or easy. It is big undertaking and one that will be filled with challenges and setbacks.