financial infidelity

Would *you* break it off if you found out your partner was hiding tons of debt?
"Financial infidelity" -- a person's unwillingness to admit to the loss of a job, missed tax or bill payments, overspending or any other problem that siphons cash from a household or business -- can affect anyone who shares a financial relationship with you. It may even end the relationship.
I'm sure you and your spouse work hard for the things you have and to go behind one another's back and keep secrets about your money or spend money without your spouse knowing breeds an environment that can be destructive to a marriage.
Why is it that as most new relationships develop, couples tend to see each other naked before seeing each other's bank accounts?
A third of the population admits to not being honest with their spouse about money. Spending addictions, secret bank accounts, & penny pinching cause strain & divorce. Guest Rochelle Peachey shares her story.
What red flags should partners look for if they suspect financial infidelity? Here are a few telltale signs.