Financial Services Committee

One congressman accused the Facebook CEO of "hiding behind the poorest people in the world."
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to mansplain Rep. Maxine Waters (D-C.A.) during a committee hearing. It didn’t go well for him.
After years of treating Federal Reserve chairmen with deference and respect, Congressman resorted to mansplaining the economy to the first woman chair, Janet Yellen.
WASHINGTON -- Representative Andy Barr, a Republican from Kentucky with little experience in the intricacies of Wall Street
Later in the hearing, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.) bluntly declared that Dimon's bank is "too big to fail," and criticized
* Democrats and Republicans want to replace mortgage giants By Margaret Chadbourn The administration in February 2011 offered
Chairman Ben Bernanke's public press conferences are intended to open the nation's central bank to needed public sunlight. But Bernanke will likely dodge any questions on Fed policies, the only policies the Fed has authority to alter.
The Republican-run House has passed a budget bill for the current fiscal year that includes $61 billion in spending cuts
Speaker-in-Waiting John Boehner's team has already announced its picks for the new committee chairmen -- a step that was immediately followed by the requisite sniping from across the aisle.
If Washington is serious about addressing job creation, the White House and Congress should support the expansion of the Community Reinvestment Act, legislation that has invested over a trillion dollars into our economy during the past decade.