finding dory

Well-reviewed kid-friendly movies with clear similarities.
The film eclipsed the previous record holder, 2016's "Finding Dory."
Here’s how the 45th President has spent his first 100 days in office.
"They help her, even though they’re completely different colors."
"Finding Dory," "Santa Clarita Diet," "Sausage Party" and more.
Ellen DeGeneres now has the most People’s Choice Awards of any nominee.
I love the flash back scenes were we learn about Dory and her back story. These scenes are my favorite because we see who
of the background scenery wild and free to swim in all her glory. She knows this time of rest and play beneath the surface
The way a culture responds to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities is shaped, in large part, by how disabilities
As part of a NOAA trained whale disentanglement team I have seen stressed out whales, entangled in fishing gear allow us
A friend of mine told me not long ago that I was the "Dory" of my scuba diving tribe. Well, I have to say that is pretty accurate. I mean, I have been known to get so excited that I try to descend with a snorkel in my mouth instead of a regulator, and I've been known to forget putting on my fins.
The name Lucy appears on Utah's top ten but does not appear on any other state's top ten list. Utah also shares the name