finding home

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Solutions for those of us with lots of clothes (and not a lot of space).
Add a pop of color with pink velvet armchairs and blush barrel chairs.
Missing out on this Amazon deal will spark FOMO, not joy.
This garbage can proves one man's trash is another man's rose gold treasure.
Divorce essentially implies a loss of home. When that happens, the consequences for expats are much more dramatic.
With that core knowledge of who I am, who I was and who I want to be, I always know that no matter what I might lose I will always have that. To this day it's still my one solid 'truth.'
Every year, more than six million dogs and cats enter animal shelters as temporary housing.  The ones who hang around longer
You are living the stories and taking the pictures that others will talk about and see in the future; you are taking the pictures they will stare at some day. We will be those ghosts in the hallways 100 years from now.
This restlessness is a trait that I have always felt proud of, yet now it seems to plague us. We could not settle in San Francisco, a place I love more than any other. Of course much of that was due to the jaw dropping cost of living, but it was more than that.
I'd like to think that I've taken the best things the south has to offer with me -- politeness (I will forever address people as "sir" and "ma'am") and excellent casserole recipes chief among them. The south left little else of a mark on this current San Franciscan.