Finding Your Passion

"As a life coach – or at least in my field of life coaching – you don't necessarily have to try to stand out or be different
6. Challenges and Accomplishments In life and traveling there are ups and downs - you get lost, you fall down, you see breathtaking
There is so much talk about the ever-elusive Hustle these days. What does it really mean to start a side hustle, spark your
I've been writing my entire adult life, so this wasn't my first attempt at attracting representation, but this time, I succeeded. I thought I'd share some reflections on the process that might help other aspiring writers out there. How do you know when you're really ready to pursue and work with an agent?
I have been on a personal development mission for the past 20 years of my life. Also, I have been actively working in the
Any time you have outside of sleep and work should pretty much be spent with your kids, right? Parenting is a time to get
Learning to manage feelings of anger is paramount for your health. If not handled effectively over time anger creates symptoms
Who do you listen to? Those that say to follow your passion and the money will follow, or the opposing view telling you to face reality?
Over the past 10 years, I had been hopping from thing to thing, trying to see what I liked and didn't like. Each time, I gathered more skills and built more professional relationships. But nothing ever seemed like it was the absolute perfect fit. The one thing I could see myself doing forever.
The book is full of exercises, tough questions, and great insight into any sort of life shift you might be experiencing. I