The fine could herald more punitive action against the social media giant.
Why (and How) It's Hitting Gen X Women
“Let’s do prank calls.” I was feeling rather bored at a seventh grade sleepover birthday party, and I realized I would have
Pacific Gas & Electric is on trial for a suburban San Francisco blast that killed eight people.
The company, accused of mistreating goats and rabbits, will surrender its sales license and stop animal research.
After being married for two decades, I've noticed a couple of things about arguing with my husband. Probably the most surprising thing is the complete lack of variety.
Gov. Pat Quinn has called for a special session Jan. 8 for a lame-duck vote on whether to have a special election in 2016 to elect a state comptroller. Scott Reeder, Executive Editor of the Illinois News Network, says lame-duck sessions present the worst opportunities for political shenanigans and should be done away with completely.
Government fines against airlines for consumer rule violations are on track to hit a six-year low as the U.S. Department of Transportation's enforcement actions shift from punishment to preventing infractions.
Ahmed Kadry joins Ahmed to discuss Egyptian elections and low voter turnout on the second and final day of voting.
Noah Michelson joins Ahmed to discuss a town in Wisconsin that's attempting to fine and ticket the parents of children who cause problems by bullying.