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The Iran deal may have found agreement abroad, but the Obama administration's cabinet is back on Capitol Hill this week to push Congress' vote. HuffPost Global Editorial Director Howard Fineman weighs in on why, in the end, this deal is inevitable.
Howard Fineman joins Josh to discuss why Pope Francis may be more concerned with other issues besides marriage and women in the church.
This plan's advertised price cost is $10.00 and yet the actual costs to the customer are $32.00, hiding a whopping 220% above this advertised price. Is this 'fair and reasonable'? Is this deceptive advertising? Where are the savings for buying this 'slim package'?
Extra fees at hotels have become a big money maker. Check the terms and conditions of your potential reservation before you unwittingly agree to pay for something you may not want.
Contractual "fine print," frequently called boilerplate, involves so-called standardized provisions that may surprise a party to the contract or are considered to unfairly favor a party. Based upon the specific facts, one or more of the following legal challenges to fine print may be successful.
Behind the Sasha and Malia Obama controversy is the mysterious history of raising kids in the White House. HuffPost Editorial Director Howard Fineman breaks down what it's like to be raised inside America's most powerful household.
Howard Fineman joins Alyona to take a closer look at President Obama's legacy on this week's Fine Print.
Nationwide filed suit against one of Caramadre's investors in May of that year, a suit it would lose. Transamerica and Western
* Other miscellaneous charges, including wiring funds and getting a copy of a statement. Pew developed a model form that
On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with AT&T in AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion -- a decision with devastating consequences for consumer protection and civil rights.