Scientists can identify people with 100 percent accuracy using only brain waves, a new study shows.
In celebrating our technological advancements, it is important to remember that none of these innovations happened by chance. They are the product of an enormous amount of investment in research and development -- much of it seeded by the federal government.
The presidential contender wants to keep tabs on people through fingerprint technology.
I discovered this very little-known but fascinating murder case that few people outside law-enforcement circles have heard of. It involves the death of two children in the small, seaside Argentine town of Necochea in 1892. As I continued my research into the state of forensics in Argentina and the rest of the world at the time, I came across some very fascinating facts.
I haven't been to Disney since the 1980s, and while I was expecting lines and crowds, what awaited us was an unsettling, dystopian security aspect that could have been out of a William Gibson or Bruce Sterling novel.
Getting arrested on a sunny, but brisk, Monday afternoon on December 26th in 1983, the day after Christians celebrated the birth of the sweet baby Jesus, was not the kind of attention that I was looking for.
Senators amended the bipartisan immigration bill on Monday to require all non-U.S. citizens to be fingerprinted when leaving
Latent fingerprint analysis is one of the more well-established domains of forensic science, yet these human examiners are vulnerable to the same confirmation biases that plague us all. It logically follows that other, less 'scientific' domains of forensic science that involve visual comparisons could be similarly hampered.
In the new study, reported today in PLOS ONE, volunteers blew air into a mass spectrometer (pictured), which split the exhalation
For whatever reasons, Congress was able to resist the pressures of the farm lobby to extend the ethanol subsidy. Now it's time for Congress to show the same intelligence and courage and end subsidies for a host of industries.
The News & Observer follow-up found even more, often stunning, bias at the lab, including training manuals that taught workers
DENVER (AP) -- Colorado is considering possible changes to a growing federal program that uses fingerprints to catch illegal
I have two devices to me solve mysteries like that: a camera with a macro lens, and a pair of surgeon's glasses, which are
A CBS4 Investigation has learned that one fingerprint identification technician in the Denver Police Department's Identification