More than 180 travelers stepped on the scales, but not for the reason you might be thinking.
The flight attendants are very attentive and offered me a choice of apple juice, blueberry juice, or Champagne once I settled
There are a couple of options on long trips: suffer, maybe find a hotel, or make it a bonafide stopover. In the case of the
Finnair is already flying it between Helsinki and Shanghai with a New York route scheduled to begin for a limited time in
Schiphol Airport embraces everything having to do with airplanes. In the shopping mall/food court/check in area called Schiphol
For adventurous travelers, a free trip to an exotic city is a mouthwatering prospect. Stopovers -- connections between flights of more than 24 hours -- provide a sneaky way to do just that, giving travelers two holidays for the price of one.
You've always wanted to strip down and sweat next to your seatmate.... right? In perhaps the most Finnish move ever, Finnair
Here are eight dishes that take haute cuisine to new heights -- quite literally.
Find more examples of awesome airplane art here. An Airbus A340 bearing the Unikko floral print is already operating between
A growing number of programs geared toward the under-12 set offer chances for the little ones to earn their own perks.