In just over a week, California wildfires burned more than 1.2 million acres, compared with an annual average of 450,000 acres over the last five years.
Myers Hart said he took the incident as a “sign” to propose.
“We saw the building fully engulfed. It was chaos everywhere," Deputy William Puzynski told WKMG.
Police say an intoxicated driver rammed his truck into parked cars in southern Germany, shoving the vehicles against buildings and causing some of them to catch fire.
Much of the ammonium nitrate has been consumed by flames, but some threat still remains, officials said.
City officials have confirmed small explosions at the plant.
Officials fear toxic gases as the Passaic blaze spreads.
Dozens were injured in a blaze that started from a malfunctioning space heater in the 19-story Bronx building, New York City's fire commissioner said.
A man arrested Sunday is being questioned in connection with the blaze, police said.
Late night host Stephen Colbert also had something to say about the blaze.