It appears no one was injured at Connecticut camp founded by late actor.
About 2,900 fires caused by clothes dryers are reported each year, many of which are preventable.
Two of the blazes in Northern California are now the second- and third-largest in state history.
"It looks like a scene from hell, truly," a bystander said of the Arizona disaster.
The pop star gave a breathless account of the blaze that started with two candles.
The small fire was quickly extinguished, but Adventureland was closed after the incident.
The Australian comedian's fundraiser for local fire services battling wildfires has set off a global chain reaction.
Despite being very "angry-looking," British fire authorities said the 45-year-old reptile was a very lucky fellow.
Repair works continue at the iconic Paris cathedral, which was ravaged by a devastating fire earlier this year.
More than 20 firefighters responded to the fire emergency at Los Angeles International Airport on Saturday night. No injuries were reported.