fire ants

When presented with a tall obstacle, fire ants construct towers that look a lot like a famous one in Paris.
It's not over yet: "Our 2nd room seemed okay until I lied in the bed and felt something bite me. I pulled back the sheets
Desperate times call for peculiar measures. Isn't that what they say? In an effort to stay alive and stay afloat, a fire
Fire ants get a bad rap--and for good reason. The pesky little brutes are notorious for their biting, stinging ways--and
En route to their roach banquet, the ants did not follow the most direct travel path, the study found. Rather, they followed
"Odor is likely involved," Wurm told LiveScience. "We know the queens smell different." The new genetic analysis, published
WATCH: The findings are published in the April 25 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Scientists
This is not kid-safe science, readers, so proceed accordingly. Also, if you are squeamish, it's probably not for you either