About 42% of those denials were because the would-be buyers had felony convictions on their records.
A video of police officers pointing guns at a black man kneeling with his hands over his head is going viral.
With so few options for disposal, many people say they're stuck with firearms that can end up posing a risk to everyone.
The major gun manufacturer is the second to face pressure from investors in recent months, amid renewed attention on daily bloodshed and mass shootings.
Childhood homicides involving firearms are down, but suicides are up
Keeping firearms away from people convicted of domestic violence should be a national priority.
Instead of being forced to visually confront the brutal reality of the country's gunshot-wound epidemic, most people only ever see images of victims smiling and enjoying life before it was taken from them by firearm-propelled shrapnel.
That's why the NRA arranged for the government to stop studying gun violence altogether. Forget that children are 11 times
Have we learned nothing from our impatience to "do something" after 9/11 resulting in our sorrowful passage of the freedom
"Many of us go to dark places, sometimes for long periods, sometimes for short periods. But the darkness passes."
"I think they thought it was safer."
Beneath the surface of the guns discussion in America—one traditionally dominated by men—there's a complex world of females
WalletHub compared states across three key dimensions: the firearms industry, gun prevalence and gun politics. Indicators
Dear President Obama, Respectfully, Taunton, Massachusetts Our deep fear is why we are fighting so passionately on this issue
Though no weapon was found at the scene, tossed near the bullet-riddled body was a large canvas bag filled with brightly colored wrapped packages. Police department evidence officials later discovered that the boxes were filled with children's toys.