Schneider, a former "SNL" star, tweeted that the Asian-slurring Gillis was a victim of "cultural unforgiveness."
The current first lady's role in firing an administration official led to some digs on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."
Mira Ricardel reportedly tangled with the first lady over seating on a plane and the proper use of National Security Council resources.
He will not receive any severance payment and he is no longer a member of the board.
James Damore was fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”
This constitutes an enormous threat to truth.
This Is How Donald Trump Ended His Press Conference
Recently I was let go of a project I was working on and it's a killer for me. My eyes are all wet and I'm trying to assuage my tears with Burt Bacharach songs. "Lord we don't need another mountain," as one of his song goes. God, I feel like it's me against the Alps.
A lot of people don't - and shouldn't - dive right into the whole "work for yourself" thing.
Point being, the downed trees in the roads are learning experiences. As frustrating and answerless the hard situations can be, the stars eventually align and things start to make some sort of sense.
Precisely three years ago, I was fired from my job. I'm brought into a conference room with the shades drawn and told that the company no longer needs my services  --  that my position is being eliminated, and my tenure expires today. I cry. It's over.
It's that time of year when employees begin celebrating after hours with their co-workers, managers and other work colleagues at the company holiday party. While employees are eager with anticipation for a chance to let loose at the upcoming holiday party, it's your HR and manager's biggest nightmare.
A well-known Harlem P.E teacher says he lost his job over mouthwash. Steven Sloan, born with macular degeneration, has taught students P.E despite being blind for decades.
Truly unexpected terminations aren't common in my experience. Good employees are hard to find, and employers find themselves in a lose/lose situation when they ambush employees with a pink slip.
America, how are the children? More specifically, how are the African American children? They are troubled. They are confused. They are angry. They have seen too much to live healthy, idyllic or carefree childhoods and they don't have the maturity to make sense of what the world is showing them.
How can you help your newly unemployed boyfriend or husband navigate this treacherous time? WORKS talked to several women to find out.