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Much has been written and spoken lately about Narcan as the primary way of reviving an opiate/opioid overdose victim. In
What do you do? The simple fact is, knowing what to do in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life or
3. Protect your head, hands, and feet... Protect your head from falling debris - that's number one. If you are inside a building
As terrifying as it is to think about, if your canine companion should suffer an electric shock injury, would you know what
We all have the ability within us to be compassionate to one another. Let us always remember to call upon that very compassion
Unatti Foundation is single handedly feeding 3500+ people in Bhaktapur. We have secured 3000 lbs of rice with another... Posted
It's Girl Scout cookie time, and boxes of brightly colored treats are being purchased and consumed at a rapid rate! The annual
Earthquakes. Fires. Tsunamis. Hurricanes. Most of us don't think about these things as we're packing, but when we visit destinations vulnerable to certain types of disasters, we take on the real risk of an emergency.
The discussion focuses on firearms policy entirely and nothing else it seems. We're a society with no imagination when it comes to violence. But mightn't there be another approach? An approach that doesn't look purely at guns and who owns them and who kills who?
This question originally appeared on Quora. Answer by Anderson Moorer, EMT-P paramedic Establish neutral, concerned touch
Whether you're choking on your Dollar-Menu McNuggets -- or your neighbor is gagging on what Michele Bachmann said on FOX News today -- a restaurant-quality choking poster can come in super-handy!
On a recent Friday, a psychiatrist and a team of medical students traveled to the Far Rockaways in Queens to provide mental health assistance to survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Their work did not involve psychotherapy or diagnoses, but rather tending to the immediate needs of survivors.
McDonald's later gave an award to the staff for putting their first aid training to good use. Nevaeh had already turned blue
Here's what you need, or check this list from the Red Cross. By Anne Harding If you're like many people, you pretty much
When preparing for disaster, it's crucial to assume you will need to rely on your own supplies for at least three days.
How does a reporter square that with the fact that today's communications, and the spread of terrorism, may result in them becoming what amounts to the first responders to a disaster?
Whether you piece together a first aid kit or buy one fully assembled, the American Red Cross advises you to keep one at home and another in your car.
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