first amendment

The former president said he’s seeking “potentially trillions of dollars” in damages.
The ruling has broader implications for allowing taxpayer-funded groups, such as foster care and homeless services, to deny help based on “religious freedom.”
The sudden policy shift came after revelations that both the Trump and Biden administrations sought New York Times' reporters email records.
Matt Maddock, a Republican state representative, warned "fact checkers" not to be "sloppy" or risk being sued under his proposed legislation.
Critics say the purported "anti-riot" bill is a direct attack on the First Amendment.
Trump's attorneys are missing the point, they write: Did Trump violate his oath of office to uphold the Constitution?
"The First Amendment doesn't force businesses to give you a platform or pay you for your words," one Twitter user noted.
There's a risk, but some states have laws protecting employees from being fired for legal off-duty activities.
Tony Spell, pastor of Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge, vowed to continue holding in-person church services despite the pandemic.