first amendment

There's a risk, but some states have laws protecting employees from being fired for legal off-duty activities.
Tony Spell, pastor of Life Tabernacle Church near Baton Rouge, vowed to continue holding in-person church services despite the pandemic.
"The president is destroying the presidency," one critic snapped back.
President Donald Trump’s campaign spokesperson received a lesson about one of the most fundamental rights of every American.
The latest setback in a domestic terrorism-related case shows how much tougher it is for the feds to prosecute neo-Nazis than Muslim extremists.
The lawmaker spearheading HB734, state Rep. Andy Welch (R), recently complained about an interview with a reporter that he felt was unfair.
Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington seeks to determine if access was blocked based on religion.
"Cow-ards," snort Twitter wits after the GOP cancellation announcement.
In back-to-back segments, Laura Ingraham championed the First Amendment, then attacked it.
Killer Mike, Chance the Rapper and music scholars urged the Supreme Court to appeal Jamal Knox's sentencing over his song "F**k the Police."