first-class travel

A member of the public once told the administrator he was "f**king up the environment."
He said those who criticize him "just don't know me."
Well, I don't know if this is good news for United Airlines, but I enjoyed the fight out just as much as the return flight
Thank you, Mandy! She's so lovely. And these moist hot towels are so decadent. Didn't they used to do them lemon-scented
Even without the coffee and the snacks and a dedicated flight attendant, just feeling that you have enough space is relaxing. In first class, you can actually enjoy the experience of flying rather than enduring it.
We've all done that walk past the first class passengers, and no matter how many times you do it, it still stings just a little, doesn't it? Seeing the fluffy blankets and comfy chairs, hearing the sound of ice tinkling happily in glasses... it just makes the parade to the back of the plane all the more painful.
There's no such thing as "pure" business class or "pure" first class anymore. Which airlines? Which routes? Which planes? On some airlines, business class is better than first class on other airlines. Some routes have fancier business and first. It's hard to keep up.
Six members of the Russian parliament, their wives and adult children had planned a monthlong, $1 million vacation in Canada fishing, hunting, and stopping in Montreal for plastic surgery.
As the lines to the back of the jet get backed up with people, the commoners get a glimpse of what is offered in front of them. They are teased as the upper class fidgets with their electronic massage seats while sipping on cold red wine and munching on salted nuts.