I strongly oppose capital punishment which Blanton and his evil co-conspirators so viciously inflicted. But I do support punishment which at least tries to proximate his heinous crime. This prisoner snuffed out four sacred child lives and escaped punishment for decades. He should die in prison for his inhumane atrocious crime.
Ronald Fischer, 47, appeared in court Wednesday to face first-degree murder charges in the shooting death of assistant district attorney Brian Sullivan, 48, two days earlier.
The Jodi Arias trail has brought the discussion of domestic violence to the forefront of the news. But much confusion remains.
Investigators say that a video recorded by Magnotta shows him having sex with Lin's corpse and eating part of it. The videos
The suspect's brother told local media that the incident was out of character and a mistake. The Orleans Parish coroner's
A trial is set for Feb. 27, 2012. A 12-year-old boy could spend life in prison when he is tried as an adult for the murder
The 13-year Navy veteran fled Chicago, using records from a recruit to conceal his identity, and was arrested about 10 weeks
"When gang members become less useful, they get sacrificed," she said, according to NBC. The evidence against Gatica was
Lyons, 39, whose first-degree murder trial began Wednesday morning, has been in jail since police arrested him at a Hooter's
The verdict ignited a cauldron of emotion in the courtroom and around the world. Angry protesters flocked to the courthouse
From ABC: Astley and Fujita were reportedly close with each other's families. Astley had even interviewed Fujita's dad, who
According to prosecutors, Marni Yang made one “big mistake” when it came to her plan to murder 42-year-old Rhoni Reuter back