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She has criticized the press for inquiring about her activities, even though she is a public figure.
The former first daughter defends the current first family.
The White House adviser called a question about her father "inappropriate."
Do cute pics make it easier to swallow the president's threatening rhetoric?
This unacceptable outcome makes me even more concerned about the future of our priceless National Park System now that a
The Sundance indie Southside With You is your classic boy-meets-girl romance, chronicling one couple’s first date from start
Sometimes I think we're living in some scary, cracked mirror world because it feels as if we're spinning out-of control. Odd, surreal and violent events are taking place every day. At times I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming.
In between the lines of the glossy pages touched with the Kardashian spell, the Obamas have been blurred out for a family that has not used their stan-factor to offer any substantial social impact in this country.
"There’s nothing wrong with every once in a while putting the technology aside and actually having a conversation."
Author Kate Andersen Brower talk with Josh about how the White House is already being prepped or 2016.